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It's been a bloody while

2012-09-19 15:20:18 by 11223330

It's been a bloody w-hile spent outside newgrounds eh?
So,hi guys
P.S i'm also back to making music.My music account name is Ravencoar

Wow...This Account Is Not Deleted Yet??

2011-11-28 08:27:16 by 11223330

So...I Am Back To Newgrounds.I Forgot Newground For A While But Now I Am Back.If Someone Needs Me,I Will Be Here.Or Contact Fudgehog7.In The Case I Stop Getting Online Is Because I AM SCREWED IN PLANET WISP ACT 1 X_X
(Sonic Generations FTW)

EDIT:I Won the Game <3

An Account Of Mine Made For Audio?OMGNOWAY!Yes Way!

2011-10-13 10:17:46 by 11223330

Two Weeks Ago,I Created an account called Fudgehog7.If i will make audio???OMGNOWAY!
(Yes Way.Click Here)
MTA 3 Credits Song <---Unless marti don't want it XD

POM2 Vids

2011-10-03 09:11:57 by 11223330

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Birthday 15

2011-09-27 19:07:05 by 11223330

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OMG i am 15 year today! Well anyways,i am doing some flash games and searching somo tutorials.if you find one,plz link me

(yeah i imputed one day earlier to today but i will fix it *sigh)


2011-09-12 19:36:25 by 11223330

Hey guys from SonicaClub!Add meh!

also,this is my MSN email too



Can Someone Do It?PLZ?


2011-08-28 17:14:10 by 11223330

It is my last attemp to submit something then will not be blammed or dissaproved.With this moon ahead...check it out

i killed it because we was without an audio maker.
We are sorry.and also i am working in better things.An sonic flash called gate of destruction.seems like tails made his worst mistake ever


2011-08-20 17:25:36 by 11223330

Two mans and an pit of spikes-preview

something i am making wit marti031
it is my first animation so take easy wit me!